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In your email, I told you that I had a FREE bonus gift for you with the purchase of my sponsorship Course that teaches everything you need to know about how to get brands to sponsor your next event.

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Finally, a course that gives real step-by-step instructions on securing brand sponsorships.

Would you like to produce an event and not worry about being left with a bill at the end? And do you want all of this to give you a profit on top of covering regular expenses?

These are examples of brand activations with my company Harlem’s Fashion Row and our event sponsors including Nike, Pandora, Essence, Verizon, Prudential, and McCafé®.

I can remember when I first had the idea to launch Harlem’s Fashion Row.

At first I was excited, but then I felt something else. Once I started the first steps of planning, I felt extreme fear. My chest hurt, I had anxiety. Who was I to think I could do an event? Who would show up? How in the world would I get press to show up? 


To be honest with you, I wanted to quit. I wanted to go back to what I was doing and forget I ever had the idea, except I couldn’t. 


When God gives you a vision for something it doesn’t just disappear. It’s there and even if you decide to ignore it for a moment, it will nag at you until you have to do SOMETHING! That was me all day long!

This is a picture from an event my company held that was sponsored by McCafé®.

I've secured over $2 Million in sponsorships from amazing partners including:










Shea Moisture


…and many more!

This course includes:

Three Video Classes

  • Introduction to Sponsorship
  • Getting Over Your Fear
  • One Major Mistake I Made that You Should Avoid

Two Audio Classes

  • How to Make Your Event “Sticky” to Brands
  • The First Thing You Should Know about Sponsorships

A Visual Breakdown of Sponsored, the Book

  • Slide Presentation with Photos

Six Worksheets for You to Plan Your Next Sponsorship

  • Sheets are downloadable

Pricing and Sponsorship Levels Calculator

  • Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet

"Talk the Talk" Sponsorship Glossary

Plus these bonuses:

Audio Interview with My Sponsorship Team

Audio Version of My Book, Sponsored

A FREE Copy of Sponsored, THE BOOK: How to Get Brands to Sponsor Your Next Event Book Mailed to You


I'm Brandice Daniel, a top-rated teacher of event sponsorship with over 11 years of experience producing events in New York City.

This event was produced by my company and was sponsored by Verizon, Prudential, Essence and more.

I’m from Memphis, TN, but moved to NYC 14 years ago and started my idea from scratch with no connections or money. Trust me, I was CLUELESS!

I’m actually doing my purpose through events without breaking my personal bank any more! When I first started, I started from scratch. I mean I was at base-level with no secret funds stashed away, but I knew I had to find a way to make it work. I had heard of sponsorships, but I had no idea what it actually meant or how in the world I would get them! 

This event was produced by my company Harlem’s Fashion Row and was sponsored by Smartwater®.

This particular fashion show was produced by my company and sponsored by amazing companies including Macy’s and Dark and Lovely. (Also pictured: legendary Harlem couturier Dapper Dan.)

My turning point

After banging my head up against a wall, I finally secured $10,000 in my 3rd year of business.

Year after year, I was securing more brands and something happened: I ACTUALLY FIGURED OUT THE SECRETS OF SPONSORSHIP! ABOUT TIME!

Since then, I’ve secured up to $125,000 from one brand. If it’s possible for me, a complete “nobody” from Memphis, TN, it’s possible for you.  

If you're an event founder, producer, or you're thinking about doing an event you're going to want to give me a huge bear hug after reading this!

(I’ll take it too. I love hugs.)

Yes, you can get a profit and I think it’s crazy to produce an event without a profit. It took me a while to figure that one out!

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