Hire Me to Speak

My goal is to help make your event a success as your panelist, keynote speaker, or moderataor.

Hire Me to Speak

My goal is to help make your event a success as your panelist, keynote speaker, or moderataor.

Hire Me to Speak

My goal is to help make your event a success as your panelist, keynote speaker, or moderataor.

I love serving others exactly what they need to cliff jump, pursue their purpose, find ways to break through the noise to get attention or take a leap of faith. My goal is always the same: that the audience takes ACTION after I speak.

It was an absolute honor to speak at
the events of these amazing Organizations:

Previous Engagements

Forbes 30 under 30 Highlight Speaker
Forbes CMO Speaker
TEDx Memphis Speaker
L’Oreal USA Panelist

Gucci America Panelist

Macy’s Moderator

ABFF Prudential Panel with Tasha Smith and Byron Lars, Moderator / Topic: Fashion & Film

Morgan Stanley Entrepreneurship Summit, Panelist / Topic: Entrepreneurship

MC Lyte’s W.E.A.L.T.H. Experience, Moderator, Topic: Life/friendship

Fashion Institute of Technology, Keynote, Topic: Entrepreneurship

Dream Project Sponsored by Prudential, Panelist, Topics: Entrepreneurship and Fashion

Verizon Activation Essence Festival, Moderator, “One On One with Celebrity Stylist Wouri Vice,” Topic: Fashion

Harlem’s Fashion Row Conversation with Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose, Moderator, Topic: Fashion

Howard University Conversation with Fashion Editor Shiona Turini, Moderator, HFR Conversations, Topic: Fashion

Hampton University Conversation with Four Fashion Industry Leaders, Moderator, Topic: Fashion 

Speaking Topics

A few topics I speak on are:

"Cliff Jump"

Living the life of your dreams will require that you cliff jump. Cliff Jumping is taking an action towards your goal despite your qualifications, the fear you feel about how things will turn out, what people will say, your lack of confidence, or the doubt you might have about your own worthiness.

"Everything is in Beta so Let’s Just See What Happens"

We don’t move on an idea because what if it doesn’t work. What if it does work? Life is too short for us to sit back on ideas because of what may or may not happen. If we approached the world as if everything was in Beta we would be willing to try more.

"Playing to Win"

So often we’re in the game, but are we playing to win?

This talk came from a personal realization that I was in the game even with a partnership with Nike and LeBron James. It wasn’t until I went to South Africa that I realized I wasn’t playing to win. Overachievers often look like they are playing to win, but only they know that they are just showing up for the game.

My Bio

Brandice Daniel is a proud fashion outsider from Memphis, TN. Daniel has experience in fashion buying, production, and has a talent for bridging the gap for designers of color. In a historic move, Daniel led the collaboration between HFR, Nike and Lebron James on the HFRxLBJ16 shoe, the first Lebron sneaker designed by and for women. The shoe sold out in less than 5 minutes.


Brandice​ is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, wife and mother. Her perspective on being a proud outsider has been shared on many stages including Ted X Memphis, the Forbes 30 under 30 summit, and the Forbes CMO Summit. She’s been a guest judge on Project Runway and is a proud member of Gucci’s Changemakers Council.


She’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Good Morning America, ESSENCE Magazine, BET, and more.

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